Bloomington Bicycle Club Rider Miles

To see the miles ridden by BBC riders click "BBC Rider Miles Table" on the foot of the right column of any BBC webpage:

To see the BBC Rider Miles for past years, click the links on the upper left of the table.

To log your rider miles go here:

This will bring up three options:

* With the "Click to register" option you will fill out a form and get a password.

* You will do the "Click to login" option after entering that password. This will bring up a calendar.

You can change the month with the drop down menu under "Choose month".

Where it says, "Enter miles:" put them in for a particular day.

Where it says, "Choose day date:" make a setting for the day you did the miles.

Click on "Save Miles for Month and Day" to enter the miles onto the calendar for the chosen day.

You can make corrections by overwriting. An entry can be erased by overwriting it with a zero.

* With the "Click to show rider miles" option you can view calendars for any of the riders. You can choose the rider with the drop down menu labeled "Choose rider here".

You can change the month with the drop down menu under "Choose month".

If you list your miles on the Strava website, you are probably already included on the BBC Rider Miles Table.

To not include a Strava trainer ride in the table, choose "only you" or "followers" for "Privacy Controls, WHO CAN SEE".