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History of the Bicycle-Pedestrian Bridge Campaign
July 8, 2003 Tricia Collingwood Email

On July 8, 2003 Bloomington planner Tricia Collingwood sent out an email to Bill Hayden and Jim Rosenbarger seeking ideas for bike/ped conections across SR-37. Bill forwarded the email to Ron Brown.

Coincidently Ron had just spent the past week exploring and thinking about this very question. He replied to the email suggesting a bike-ped bridge connecting Basswood Apartments to Liberty Dr. At the time there was a lot of undeveloped land between SR-37 and Liberty Dr.

Tricia gave a very favorable reply to this email thanking Ron for all of the fieldwork. This was the beginning of a continuing effort to realize the bicycle-pedestrian bridge.
July 9, Aug6 2004 Tiffany Strait Site Visits

On July 9 and August 6, 2004 Ron Brown and Billl Hayden did site visits with Bloomington Planner Tiffany Strait to the property west of SR-37. They went over plans for a bicycle-pedestrian bridge and looked at how to make connections to roads further west.

Over the years Ron Brown has done visits to the SR-37/I-69 bicycle pedestrian bridge site with many individuals.
June 2007 I-69/ SR 37 Corridor Study

Monroe County publishes the "I-69/ SR 37 Alternative Transportation Corridor Study." It mentions and shows on maps the bicycle-pedestrian bridge as a proposed overpass for the I-69 project. Here is a link to it.
May12, 2010 Platinum Bicycle Task Force

On this date the Bloomington Common Council created the Platinum Bicycle Task Force to plan how the City can achieve a platinum designation from the League of American Bicyclists by 2016. Beginning in September 2010, it met twice a month for a year. In it's final report the Task Force recommended a roadway separated bike-ped facility over SR-37/I-69.
July 12, 2012 Bike-Ped Bridge Meeting

Seven BBC members as well as city and county officials met with representatives from INDOT and the Michael Baker Corporation to discuss the bicycle-pedestrian bridge.
Sept 16, 2012 Support of a Bike-Ped Bridge

The BBC submitted a resolution to INDOT in support of construction of a dedicated bicycle/pedestrian bridge to span the I-69 / SR37 highway.
March 22, 2013 About the I_69 FEIS

INDOT sent a letter to Bloomington and Monroe County regarding the upcoming Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). It said that although not included in the FEIS, "A stand-alone facility can be discussed as a separate project once connecting public bike/pedestrian paths are identified on either side of SR 37/I-69 for a free-standing facility to serve."
April 14, 2014 Bike-Ped Bridge Meeting

The BBC held a meeting with representatives from INDOT, The City of Bloomington, Monroe County and the Indiana State Legislature. The topic was "A Bicycle-Pedestrian Bridge Across I-69." The BBC gave a slide presentation. This was followed by a discussion of issues related to the bridge. At this meeting planner Beth Rosenbarger suggested the bridge location that is in the current plan. Here is a link to the ppt slide presentation.
MPO Support of a Bike/Ped Bridge

On the 11th of August 2017 the Bloomington/Monroe County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) adopted a resolution supporting a bicycle/pedestrian bridge over the I-69 Section 5 Corridor. This resolution states that, "a centrally located bicycle and pedestrian bridge would serve as an integral alternative transportation link for the Bloomington metropolitan area". Here is a link to the resolution.
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