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Obstructed From Bicycle and Pedestrian Access
The shopping and business area along Liberty Dr., Gates Dr., and Jacob Dr. west of SR-37 is obstructed from acceptable bicycle and pedestrian access.

On the east, this area is blocked by SR-37 except for the small percentage of cyclists who are willing to risk the Third St. and Bloomfield Rd. interchanges.

On the north, it is blocked by railroad tracks. This prevents direct access by those crossing SR-37 on Vernal Pike.

On the south, it is not possible to cross the properties north of Tapp Rd. It is very dangerous to try to get around these properties by riding on Leonard Springs Rd. because it is high traffic and very narrow. It was only recently that a sidewalk was put in along this road.

West of the obstructed area is Curry Pike, which is a high-traffic barrier. To the west there is a north-south corridor which is good for bicycling. It is made up of Loesch Rd., Profile Pkwy., Park Square Dr., and Endwright Rd. The only road that crosses Curry Pike and connects the shopping and business area to the this corridor is Third St. with its high traffic. There are long streaches of Curry Pike which has no roads going east.
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