Weekly Rides

Great BBC Rides Are Yours Throughout the Week!

The hills around Bloomington and Monroe County offer great scenery and challenging routes for touring, training and social cycling throughout the season. The BBC’s ride calendar accommodates cyclists of varying abilities and interests. Choose from the club rides described below to find a day and time, pace and group that suits you. Always bring a helmet and supplies but consider bringing a friend, too.

Saturday Club Touring Rides

Saturdays, March-October. Start times will change from month to month with the availability of light and the onset of Indiana heat and humidity. Check the ride calendar for starting times.
Meeting Place: Bryan Park Pool parking lot.
Pace: 13-17 mph
Mileage: Varies, see ride calendar. Short options are available on most routes. Touring rides take cyclists to surrounding counties and accommodate cyclists of a variety of abilities. Participants frequently break up into multiple groups determined by pace. Occasionally there will be drive & rides or longer ride extensions from fellow club members.

Ride leaders provide maps and ensure that no rider is completely dropped and all riders make it back to the starting point. On longer rides, leaders designate collection points to bring groups back together and identify rest stops for food and water. Mileage and difficulty of touring rides increase over the course of the summer. Touring rides are a great way to acquaint yourself with the area, build endurance, and meet others who share your interest in cycling.


Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 5:45 pm
Meeting Place: Bryan Park Pool parking lot.
Pace: 15-16 mph
Mileage: 20-40 miles

Intermediate level rides of moderate pace and distance. The ride leader will start promptly and set an appropriate pace. Riders are expected to assist the leader by looking out for each other during the ride. Ride maps with regrouping points will be posted in advance. Riders unfamiliar with the route should bring along a copy of the map in the event they become separated from the group. Since the iRides and tRides begin at the same place and same time, riders should be sure to group themselves correctly, and allow the faster tRiders to begin first.


Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 5:45 pm
Meeting Place: Bryan Park Pool parking lot.
Pace: 18+ mph
Mileage: 20-40 miles

The tRide is an advanced level ride of high pace and moderate distance that may or may not include regrouping points. Pace is anticipated to be 18+ mph. Expect occasional sprint or Strava segments, pace line riding at high speed, intervals, and fewer regrouping stops. Since the iRides and tRides begin at the same place and same time, riders should be sure to group themselves correctly, and allow the faster tRiders to begin first.

OWLS Training Rides

Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 5:45 pm
Meeting Place: Sherwood Oaks Church
Pace: 13-15 mph
Mileage: 20-30 miles

The “Older, Wiser, and a Little Slower” training group emphasizes moderate rides, and a route planned in advance that is posted on the ride calendar. This is a no drop ride, not a beginner’s ride. The OWLS often average 15 mph or more on flat roads, and typically have an overall average moving speed between 13 to 15 mph including hills. A leader is designated at the start, and all fellow riders are encouraged to volunteer to lead or sweep if they know the route. Regrouping points are also discussed at the start, along with any modifications that need to be made to the route, so it is best to arrive a bit early. A multi gear road bike is recommended for the hilly terrain. Rides leave promptly at the designated time. Here are some typical OWLS Maps.

Midweek Century Rides

April – October, usually Wednesdays, check calendar for day and meeting times
Meeting Place: Bryan Park Pool Parking Lot; an occasional drive & ride
Pace: 13-16mph (no one gets dropped)

For all the riders that have all the time in the world, a midweek day is perfect for 100 miles on southern Indiana’s country roads. These rides will venture out to where no BBC member usually goes, and an appropriate lunch is always strived for. There will be many drive & rides throughout the summer where the ride can start in Bedford, Mitchell, Columbus, or Brownstown! Afterwards, you can now call yourself a Southern Indiana Centurion.

Beginner’s Rides

Wednesdays, 5:45 pm
Pace: Varied

This is a series of beginner’s no drop rides intended for those new or renewed to cycling who desire the camaraderie and safety of cycling in a group and who wish to develop their cycling skills. With the anticipation that new riders will have varied levels of skill and comfort on a bike, rides will be rotated throughout the month to encompass short rides on the trail systems, 5-12 mile rides, and 12-20 mile rides. Speed will be dictated by the slowest rider. Starting points will vary to introduce riders to bike routes in the Bloomington area. The route and distance will be announced through the ride calendar, BBC email and The BBC Facebook page. The rides will begin promptly at 5:45.

Family Rides

Occasional summer weekends; see calendar
Pace: slow and kid-friendly

Family Rides are designed as bicycle outings for adults riding with kids. The kids may be on their own bicycles or in a trailer or seat attached to the adult bicycle. We move at a leisurely pace and stick to residential streets or multi-use paths. Routes are planned around a destination such as a park, local business, or local events. Usually multiple start points are available to provide a choice of distances.

Any group of one or more adults and one or more children with an existing relationship are welcome. Feel free to bring nieces or nephews, younger cousins, family friends or any kid who is part of your life. Just make sure to bring a waiver already signed by a parent or guardian if that’s not you.

Sunday Nice ‘N Easy Rides

Sundays, 1:30 pm March-October
Meeting Place: Bryan Park Pool parking lot.
Pace: 8-12 mph
Mileage: 19-25 miles

Sunday rides feature lower mileage and slower paces. Routes are posted ahead of time on the BBC Calendar. Nice ‘n easy rides cater to those who want to take it easy and to beginning riders. Here is a map showing the Nice and Easy Rides.

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