Come Ride With Us

The BBC road riding season runs from March through October, but BBC members ride all year round. Gravel and mountain biking are especially popular over the winter. Just check the calendar for scheduled Rides from slow to fast, short and long, throughout the year. Using the ride calendar you can easily pick from varied groups organized by speed and day. Come join us; there’s something for every skill level to make group biking fun and exciting.

New to the Bloomington Bicycle Club?

Riding by yourself is fun, but riding with others can do wonders for you. Besides being an opportunity to meet like-minded riders just like yourself, you’ll soon find yourself getting stronger and faster. Pick one or several of the groups listed on the weekly rides page and get in on the action!

Non BBC members are welcome on any of our scheduled rides. However, if you are not a BBC member the club requires that you read and sign the liability waiver prior to your participation. Please print the waiver, sign it, and give it to the ride leader prior to the ride.

Club policy requires that a non BBC member will be allowed to ride on any of our weekly rides three (3) times.

If you like your riding experience, please join our club. BBC membership is one of the best deals in Bloomington!

Bloomington Bicycle Club Grant Applications

The Bloomington Bicycle Club, Inc. will accept proposals from non-profit organizations and programs, schools and other civic-minded organizations for grant funding.

Guidelines can be found here.