Membership Info

membership-groupEnhance Your Cycling with BBC Membership Benefits! 

The Bloomington Bicycle Club has a varied program of cycling activities which includes a Touring Program with a schedule of rides for novice, intermediate, and advanced cyclists. Other features of the club include:

  • A website that contains club information, the ride calendar, information about club invitational rides, and club announcements.
  • Off-the-bike meetings featuring good fellowship, food, and a presentation by a club member or invited speaker.
  • Recreational to ultra-marathon cycling events attracting riders from around the country.
  • Bicycling education and advocacy within our community and on both the state and national levels for both on and off-road riding.

Sign up or Renew Your Membership Online. *ONLINE OPTION IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE AS OF JULY 30, 2019. BACK SOON.
Download a PDF Membership form and Mail in With Check

All BBC events are open to members and visitors. Please contact any officer for more information.

More Reasons to Join the BBC

  • Because you like to ride a bicycle.
  • Because you think you might like to ride.
  • Because you like someone who likes to ride.
  • Because you’d like to go on a ride and see how you like it–a ride with a leader, maps, and someone to look out for anyone who might be having difficulty.
  • Because you don’t want to ride alone, and are looking for people to ride with (members can access club roster here).
  • Because if you have a flat tire you’d like to have other people around to help out!
  • Because you think it’s important to encourage non-motorized forms of transportation.