Volunteer Opportunities And Efforts Are Many!

Volunteerism is what makes an organization and causes an impact on the surrounding community. The Bloomington Bicycle Club is indeed one of those types of organizations, and its non-profit status is also hinged upon this premise. There are many volunteer opportunities during the summer under BBC’s auspices and also for other worthwhile efforts in this community that you as a BBC member may be interested.



Sunday, April 28
Sunday, June 30
Sunday, September 29
Sunday, November 17

All times 1:30p to —

Please review the safety guidelines and view the safety video found here.

Parking available: follow S. Walnut across 37 and immediately look for the beige warehouse on left.


The Bloomington Bicycle Club started this volunteer effort a few years ago under a very popular county highway department anti-littering program where organizations or even families try to keep a mile or two long section of road clear of trash. The BBC selected a very popular spot for locals and bicyclists. Unfortunately, the popularity also attracts litter bugs, too. Refer to the BBC event calendar for scheduled pickup dates. For more details, check further in this web- site

Race Across America

The Race Across America is an ultra-marathon cycling event that has been deemed the most grueling sporting event ever. The course passes through Bloomington with the time station being on College Mall Rd in front of Casa Brava and CVS. This has been captained by Jim Schroeder since 2009, and strives to be open 24/7 for all the racers and crews that come through the largest city on its west to east journey. The RAAM website is www.raceacrossamerica.org


Help build mountain bike trails in BBC’s own backyard around Belmont, IN. These new trails are being constructed by Hoosier Mountain Bike Association [HMBA] in this southern section of Yellowwood State Forest and will eventually connect Brown County State Park and Hoosier National Forest, Nebo Ridge and Hickory Ridge trails. Keep abreast of trail building sessions by following the forum on hmba.org or contact mtbike@bloomingtonbicycleclub.org


Did you know that Brown County is known as one of the best mountain biking destinations east of the Mississippi? Why is that? An organization, HMBA, was started in Indianapolis not too long ago and got permission from the DNR to put in one trail for some trail biking. Also, would you believe that BBC with Joe Anderson’s TRIRI influence assisted in the conversion of DNR’s policy on mountain biking. It’s amazing what Brown County has grown to, and they still keep adding more trails. HMBA has ample opportunities to help in this, and these volunteer events are just plain fun, too! It’s amazing seeing people from Indy, Columbus, Bloomington, and Louisville come together in this effort. Check out HMBA web site or e-mail BBC’s mountain bike chair, dthickey@indiana.edu


Did you know that Wapehani was the first mountain bike park in the state of Indiana. In the past couple of years, the park department of Bloomington has vastly improved this little gem. Thanks go mostly to Kevin Marzahl at the park department. Contact him if you’d like to help, marzahlk@bloomington.in.gov