Education and Advocacy

BBC Advocates Safe and Responsible Cycling!

The BBC places an emphasis on safe, enjoyable cycling, on the peaceful coexistence of bicyclists and motorists on the roads, and on cooperation with land managers and other trail users off the road. We promote courteous, responsible and predictable bicycling, including obeying all traffic rules and off-road regulations. BBC officers encourage members to participate in city and county citizen committees to promote the above ideals.

A Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge Across I-69

Website for the I69 Bicycle/Pedestrian Bridge Endeavor

I-69 serves as a bicycle barrier separating the west side of Bloomington from the rest of the city. The solution to connecting central Bloomington to this region west of Bloomington is a properly placed bicycle trail and bridge.

The BBC has submitted a resolution to INDOT in support of construction of a dedicated bicycle/pedestrian bridge to span the I-69 / SR37 highway (section 5). Ron Brown, our advocacy chair, has done extensive work on the location of this bridge and promotion of it to city and county officials. The resolution is our club’s follow up on discussion about this bicycle bridge at a special meeting with INDOT and its agent from the Michael Baker Corporation, attended by Ron and several other BBC members as well as city and county officials.

On April 14, 2014, the BBC held a meeting with representatives from INDOT, The City of Bloomington, Monroe County and the Indiana State Legislature. The topic was “A Bicycle-Pedestrian Bridge Across I-69.” The BBC gave a slide presentation. This was followed by a discussion of issues related to the bridge.

A Resolution In Support of Bicycle/Pedestrian Crossing Points for I-69


RESOLVED that the Indiana Department of Transportation shall accommodate the needs of bicyclists and pedestrians with infrastructure suitable for crossing I-69 and urge that these overpasses/underpasses be engineered to safely accommodate bicycles and pedestrians. Here is the resolution. Link for pdf

Raising Awareness of Cycling Safety

Derrick is a student at an Indianapolis High School. The members of his health class were asked to raise awareness of safety in a sport they were passionate about. Derrick picked cycling. He asked the BBC to share this list of safety tips, cycling benefits, and resources on their website. The intention of the project is to promote safety, awareness and the overall activity of Cycling.

Bike Safety is Important

Two kids, Elizabeth and Patricia, at a youth center with a safety program did some web searches at home and found the BBC website and this page: Is a Helmet Worth It? How Brain Injuries Affect Different Body Functions. They wanted to share this with the BBC because it had such great information and by reaching out and simply informing others, they can accomplih things.

Bike Commuting Safety Tips

After School Care Programs, located in El Paso County Colorado, is starting a bike-sharing program. Sara, a participant, has contributed this resource on bike travel and safety to the BBC Advocacy page: Bike Commuting Safety Tips . She has been helping teach some of the younger kids how to ride.

Fullerton Pike Corridor Improvements

This project affects roads, trails and homes in south Bloomington from Rockport Road to Sare Road. Please submit public comments by January 9, 2015 to The Environmental Impact document is available HERE and in print at: The Monroe County Public Library and The Monroe County Highway Dept. The project is shown on this map.

Monroe County Alternative Transportation


Monroe County is committed to creating and implementing lasting policy and infrastructural improvements to provide safe accommodation for bicycle transportation and recreation in Monroe County. This site provides a variety of bicycle-related resources intended to encourage and support Monroe County cyclists.

Dangerous Storm Water Grates

Ron Brown maintains a map of dangerous storm water inlet grates. We urge extreme caution when riding on these roads, and encourage county and city officials to replace all dangerous grates with “cycle-safe” infrastructure.