BBC Grant Recipients 2020

Summary of 2020 BBC Community Grants

Using revenue from its RAIN Ride event, Bloomington Bicycle Club supports a program of grants to a variety of community groups, including nonprofit organizations and programs, schools, and other civic-minded organizations, with the aim to

  • Promote and encourage bicycling for recreation, competition, travel, and transportation
  • Train and educate the community about bicycles and bicycling
  • Promote better public understanding and respect for the rights of bicyclists and the observance of traffic regulations by bicyclists and drivers
  • Promote bicycle safety

This year 10 organizations received grants, totaling $15,508:

  • deCycles:Gulf Coast 2020 Bicycle Trip”—Subsidize cost of summer trip, $ 2,000.00 
  • Bloomington Developmental Learning Center:Introduction to Cycling Safety”—Trikes, Balance Bikes and Helmets, $508.00 
  • Hoosier Mountain Bike Association:Limekiln Return”—Full beginner loop, $2,000.00 
  • The Warehouse:Mountain Bike”—Seat posts, loam levers, cables and park passes, $500.00 
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington: Ferguson Crestmont Unit:Crestmont Club Riders”—Maintenance, supplies and work stand for bikes, $2,000.00 
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington: Lincoln Street Unit:Lincoln Street Club Riders”—Smaller bikes, tune-ups, tires and other equipment, $2,000.00 
  • City of Bloomington Planning and Transportation:Bike Valet Pilot Project”—CycleSafe Bike Check systems, $2,000.00 
  • Harmony School:Bikes for Tykes”—Repair tools, parts and a shed for bikes, $1,500 
  • Monroe County Community School Corporation:Community Transitions Bike Project”—Adult Trikes, Simple Bikes and Helmets, $2,000.00 
  • Bloomington Community Bike Project:Supporting the Most Vulnerable Cyclists”—Bike locks, Tool library, $1,000.00