Website Hints

Here we’ll record tips for accessing our new BBC website. Expect changes and improvements as the site is fine-tuned.

  1. The login and password for members to access things like the membership roster, by-laws, board minutes, and restricted maps are sent to new and renewing members by the membership chair. If you need credentials re-sent email (currently Tammy Thompson-Madsen).
  2. On a mobile device, especially Android, it may help when accessing restricted PDF files to hold ones finger down, not just tap, on the link to get an option to open the link or download it, and then a login screen.
  3. Some of the menu items at the top of the page, or under the menu button in the mobile version, have sub-items and some do not. But in either case the top button may take you someplace that you can’t access via the sub-menus alone. Explore!
  4. Consider book marking frequently used pages, such as the calendar or the roster, for quicker and easier access.
  5. Right now it is people using ATT Uverse for home internet who are unable to connect to our home page. Let us know if you have ATT Uverse and are able to connect!