Board Highlights November 2016

The BBC board had its most recent meeting on Monday, November 7. The board consists of the elected officers and committee chairs and usually meets about once every two months, as needed. Meetings are listed on the club calendar and open to all members. Typically the board meets at 6 pm in the back room of Crazy Horse restaurant on Kirkwood near the
B-Line Trail and many attendees order supper and/or a beer.
Committee reports included
1. Final accounting for RAIN 2016 and preliminary plans for 2017.
2. Treasurers report, showing that we’re doing well.
3. Advocacy topics: City Bike Ped Commission proposing to allow bicycles on sidewalks. Rail Trail now rideable past Dillman Rd to a new INDOT shelter. I69 updates. Morgan-Monroe side trail adjacent to Forest Rd.
4. Mountain Biking update, including special events, regular Wednesday evening and Saturday morning gravel rides will be posted on the calendar, and suitable maps are being collected on the website at Gravel Maps Page.
5. Grants process is underway, with deadline for applications set as December 31, 2016. See grants page for more details. The Grants Committee could use more members. Contact committee chair Brett Nelson at if interested.
Other topics included
1. Plans to purchase a good quality events tent and tables for use at RAIN, Farmers Market, Open Streets, etc.
2. Quilt to be made from old t-shirts from RAIN, Hoosier Hills, etc.
3. Work on designating US Bike Route 235 through our area. Garnering approval of City and neighboring counties.
4. Support for City’s Big Jump Project, organized nationally via People for Bikes, will be handled through our grant process.
5. Pizza Party coming soon.
6. Nominating Committee will be formed to recommend candidates for VP, treasurer, and at-large at our annual meeting over the winter.
7. Gratuities for 2016 ride leaders.
8. Need for a new laptop for handling club finances.

Thanks to club secretary Kathy Cummins for sharing her notes on which this brief report is based. Official minutes of board meetings are posted to the members-only portion of the website after they are formally approved at the next meeting.